The Qld Vehicle Immobiliser Subsidy Trial is now active, with 20,000 vouchers begins in car theft hotspots of Cairns, Townsville & Mount Isa

Residents in Cairns, Townsville and Mt Isa are be able to apply online for a $500 voucher towards the supply and installation of an engine immobiliser. Cairns Customs are an approved supplier and can get your vehicle immobilsed through the scheme quickly, effectively and cheaply.

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Immobilisers, Alarms and Security

While most newer vehicles are pretty clever… not many can effectively deter thieves from breaking and entering or can prevent your pride and joy from being stolen… even if they have your key! This is where we can help.

Whether you’re just looking for an immobiliser or are interested in a full-blown alarm system with remote start… Cairns Customs have you covered. We stock and install many brands such as Viper, Mongoose, Autowatch, Code Safe, TrackN, Dynamco, RhinoCo, StarterStopper and more!

Proper installation is a MUST with any automotive security system as it is a very intricate procedure. If you have ‘a friend of a friend’ or a ‘chain store’ install your system, you could wind up with literally thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle, have it strand you in the middle of no-where or at the very worst case kill the car in motion. This is why it is best to have your system installed by a qualified professional.

We are well known for our thorough and professional installations, and we will ensure the job is done right, the first time.

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GPS Trackers

Want to know where your car, staff or kids are at any time? Want to know why your fleet is using more fuel than normal? Consider a GPS tracker!

We supply and install trackers for both individuals and for businesses. These effective units can let you see where a car has been, how fast it was going and can alert you if your battery is going flat. Certain models can even remotely immobilse your vehicle.

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Are they compatible with my car?

Of course! We have a solution to suit pretty much every vehicle you can think of!

With an incredible amount of options available to you, it is always best to be well-informed. While many immobilisers or alarms appear the same, we can assure you they aren’t. That’s where our vast experience can help you select the one that is right for your car and right for your needs too.

But What about older Cars?

We have you covered! From a brand new Mercedes right through to an old farm truck… we have an option to suit your needs and budget.

Don’t have a fancy new-fangled car? Don’t worry! We also offer solutions that allow you to add central locking, keyless entry as well as many other modern security features.

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Remote Range, Explained!

Range is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a security system. As the saying goes: It’s better to have more than not enough. Sure you may park in your garage or driveway at home, but what about work, trips to the mall, movie theaters, sports games, parking garages, downtown nights out, restaurants, or airports? These are just a few scenarios that you may not think of initially, but definitely become useful.

Surprisingly, choosing a longer range for your security system is not significantly more expensive either. Choosing an appropriate range for your system also ensures that you can find your vehicle in crowded parking lots, and parking garages. Generally, remote range varies from 200 feet up to a mile.

Another topic that is commonly overlooked is interference. Yes, we live in a world full of electricity, radio frequency, buildings, motors, fluorescent lights, other vehicles, power lines, and other various obstacles that can drastically lower the effective range of your remote. When you see the advertised range mentioned on a product packaging; that is taking a perfect world scenario distance with no interference, so keep this in mind when choosing the products range.

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Additional options for your security & convenience system

Interested in additional features for your system? Here is a short list of the most popular ones.