We supply an install gauges from Autometer, JRP, Redarc, VDO and more!

  • Boost
  • EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature
  • Engine Coolant Temperature
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Tempurature
  • Voltage / Battery Levels / Current Consumption
  • Potable Water / Greywater / Blackwater levels

And much, much more!!


Overheating alarms – get warned BEFORE damage occurs

  • LOUD audible warning – keep your eyes on the road & drive more safely.
  • Get warned BEFORE damage occurs- super fast response compared to factory gauges.
  • Works if you’ve LOST coolant- shows cylinder head temp. Most factory gauges don’t work without coolant.
  • Digital display in degrees- provides feedback to MANAGE engine temperature.
  • Can also be used to monitor transmissions and many other components