Car Alarms + Security Systems

Automotive theft is on the rise, secure your assets today!

Car Alarms and Security

Whether you’re looking for a basic immobiliser or a full-blown alarm system with remote start.. Cairns Customs + Car Sound have you covered. Our two main brands of security systems are Mongoose and Viper, but we can also install and repair other brands from across the globe.

Mongoose and Viper are the pinnacles of car security world wide. Their simple no fuss units are designed to keep your car where you left it.
The immobilisers conform to ADR standards (82/00) and beyond, so they are a perfect choice for your trusty landcrusier, your Japanese import, European autobahn burner or any other vehicle requiring a proper level of car security.

Correct installation is required for these alarms to be fully effective, so don’t let “a friend” help you wire up one in the backyard!

Are they compatible with my car?

Most if not all vehicles can be equipped with keyless entry and alarm systems.  Both Mongoose and Viper offer systems from the most basic keyless entry and immobilizer to full on tracking solutions that you can pull up on your smart phone at a moments notice. Many of our customers believe they are stuck with their poor range, limited protection factory system that the car came with years ago. NOT TRUE. We can integrate a system INTO the original remote system & in many cases, we even keep your factory remote but improve the security system to offer better protection. In some cases adding more functionality than you had before.

Both Mongoose and Viper have a specific range of products to suit vehicles with chipped anti-theft systems and CAN networks (most cars after 2003 are set up this way). These systems integrate back into the vehicles network and functions off the OE remote AND allows a key guard function.

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Shopping for car alarm or security system

With an incredible amount of options available to you, it is always best to be well-informed. Now you may think that car alarms are all the same. they aren’t.  Mongoose and Viper car security systems are geared to properly secure your car. Others are easily bypassed.  Despite popular belief Mongoose and Viper security system installations can not void your vehicle warranty if installed correctly.

With any Car security system proper installation is a MUST.  It is a very intricate procedure and if you have Uncle Bob or a friend of a friend install your system you could wind up with literally thousands of dollars in damage to your vehicle, have it strand you in the middle of no where or at the very worst case kill the car in motion.  This is why it is best to have your system system installed by a professional. We are well known for our installations, and we will ensure installation is done right, the first time.

Remote Range, Explained!

Range is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a security system. As the saying goes: It’s better to have more than not enough. Sure you may park in your garage or driveway at home, but what about work, trips to the mall, movie theaters, sports games, parking garages, downtown nights out, restaurants, or airports? These are just a few scenarios that you may not think of initially, but definitely become useful.

Surprisingly, choosing a longer range for your security system is not significantly more expensive either. Choosing an appropriate range for your system also ensures that you can find your vehicle in crowded parking lots, and parking garages. Generally, remote range varies from 200 feet up to a mile.

Another topic that is commonly overlooked is interference. Yes, we live in a world full of electricity, radio frequency, buildings, motors, fluorescent lights, other vehicles, power lines, and other various obstacles that can drastically lower the effective range of your remote. When you see the advertised range mentioned on a product packaging; that is taking a perfect world scenario distance with no interference, so keep this in mind when choosing the products range.

Additional options for your security & convenience system


Protect your vehicle from impacts with our multi-stage shock sensor systems.


Control additional accessories in your vehicle such as heated seats, lighting, air conditioner & many more.


The purpose of an immobiliser is to disable critical engine circuits, which makes it impossible to start or run the engine.


Monitor your vehicle while driving or add an additional level of security to your life.


Detect motion around your vehicle with a proximity sensor. Great for convertibles & Jeeps.

GPS Pager

If you want to know where your asset is at any given time and you want to know where and when an event happens, this is the product for you.

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