Terms + Conditions

The following are Cairns Customs + Car Sound’s General Term & Conditions

By signing at the bottom of your job card, estimate or invoice… by purchasing products/proceeding with the work outlined, on any of the aforementioned paperwork, you, the customer, are stating that you have read, understood and fully agree to all terms and conditions outlined below.

While all due care is taken in providing estimates, they only provide an approximate cost for the job. The actual cost may vary due unknown problems with the vehicle/part and other latent conditions. Should the cost of works exceed the amount indicated on the estimate, we will contact you immediately

Estimates are valid for thirty (30) calendar days from the date of issue, unless stated otherwise.

You, the customer, understand that you may be required to pay a deposit on jobs with an estimated cost exceeding $500 prior to ordering in parts and/or commencing work. A deposit may also be required to order in specialty items.

This is entirely at the discretion of Cairns Custom & Car Sound.

Deposits will be negotiated prior to commencement of works.

Deposits are non-refundable.

You, the customer, agree to pay all fees and charges upon completion of outlined works. You understand, and agree that your vehicle / work item will remain in Cairns Customs & Car Sounds’ possession until full payment for all parts, labour and associated costs have been received in full.

Unless prior arrangement is made with management, vehicles / work items and other property not paid for and collected within 5 business days of completion or termination, will incur storage fees of $10 per day. You understand that you, the customer, are responsible for paying all storage fees and also any other fees that may be incurred to collect monies owed to Cairns Customs & Car Sound. You, the customer, authorise Cairns Customs & Car Sound and its affiliates to sell my vehicle / work item & associated property to recoup any monies owing if you fail to finalise payments and collect my property within 6 months of completion / termination (in accordance with the Office of Fair Trading regulations)

Warranty on all parts and components are as per the respective manufacturer’s warranty.

The original purchase receipt must be supplied at the time of claim.

Products or items purchased from, but not installed by Cairns Customs & Car Sound will receive no warranty, unless installed by a suitably qualified professional. Claims on such items must be accompanied by the original purchase receipt as well as the installation receipt. “backyard” or “home” installs will receive no warranty.

Please follow any specific instructions given to you regarding your new product/s, as accidents, neglect, “wear and tear” or misuse will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or by Cairns Customs & Car Sound. If components are found to have been tampered with, modified or similar (by anyone other than a qualified professional) after the original installation, the manufacturer will most likely void your warranty.

No warranty or refund is given or implied on second hand electronic components (CD players, amplifiers, speakers and the like). Components can be bench tested prior to sale, but are strictly sold ‘as is’. No exceptions.

Cairns Customs & Car Sound will gladly install second hand components supplied by the customer, providing they are bench tested and proven to be in working order prior to installation. This will incur a small testing fee. As above, no warranty is given on such components. Refunds will not be given for ‘change of mind’ on any product or service.

Unless noted otherwise, the installation of head-units / cd players / radios does NOT include the retention of factory steering wheel controls as additional components are required to facilitate this. Customers must advise Cairns Customs & Car Sound that they want to retain steering wheel controls prior to commencement of works.

Any air-conditioning work carried out on your vehicle by Cairns Customs & Car Sound is covered by the respective part manufacturers warranty. While Cairns Customs & Car Sound will endeavour to find all system faults and leaks during the initial inspection, there may be times when a re-gas with oil and dye is recommended. This is a diagnostic measure to help find small leaks that may remain undetectable in the system without the presence of dye. In the event that system performance is lost after the initial inspection and ‘re-gas’, please return to the store immediately. This inspection and any further works carried out will be billed to you, the customer in full, however the re-gas component will be free of charge.

Cairns Customs & Car Sound bares no responsibility for the use of non ADR approved accessories, lighting equipment and the positioning of such items. If the customer wants such equipment fitted, it is at their own risk entirely. It is entirely the customer’s responsibility to follow all relevant regulations regarding the use of such equipment.

Cairns Customs & Car Sound will happily walk you through how you use your new device upon completion / collection. If you need further assistance past the installation date, please consult the user manual first. If you still need help, Cairns Customs & Car Sound will be more than willing to walk you through the operation procedures again for a minimal fee.

Any vehicle, work item, part or other associated property stored at the Cairns Customs & Car Sound workshop is done so at the owner’s risk entirely. Cairns Customs & Car Sound accepts no responsibility for any damage, theft or any other event that occurs whilst parked outside the workshop, being worked on, stored in the workshop or at any other time.

By signing at the bottom of the job card or estimate and proceeding with the work outlined, you authorise Cairns Customs & Car Sound to use photos / videos of your car / job / work-piece for advertising, promotional or other purposes.

By signing the invoice supplied by Cairns Customs & Car Sound, you, the customer agree that you have personally inspected the product supplied, its installation, its operation, its features and the outcome of all other activities carried out by Cairns Customs & Car Sound prior to payment & collection and that you are satisfied, and accept all the products/works undertaken completely.

For account customers:

By signing the provided job card, estimate or invoice and taking the goods, or proceeding with the works described on the aforementioned job card, estimate or invoice, you agree to remit payment to Cairns Customs + Car Sound within the time-frame outlined on the aforementioned job card, estimate or invoice. Failure to remit by close of business (5:30pm) on the stated date, will result in late fees being applied to your invoice as per the information below.

1-7 days late will incur a 5% late fee (in addition to the original invoice/estimate amount)

8-14 days late will incur a 10% late fee (in addition to the original invoice/estimate amount)

15-21 days late will incur a 15% late fee (in addition to the original invoice/estimate amount)

22-30 days late will incur a 20% late fee (in addition to the original invoice/estimate amount)

>30 days late will incur a 20% late fee (in addition to the original invoice/estimate amount) plus an additional 5% per week compounded weekly until all outstanding amounts have been received.

Excerpt from Australian Consumer Law
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.