Mobile Video & Navigation Systems

Apple CarPlay + Android Auto Systems

Our innovative In-Dash Systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto brings you a smarter way to use your smart phonee on the road. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto gives users an incredibly intuitive way to make calls, use Maps, and listen to music and access messages with just a word or a touch. Apple users can control Apple CarPlay directly from the touchscreen or it can be voice activated by saying “Hey Siri” for minimized distraction. Android (Samsung etc..) users can control Android Auto directly from the touchscreen or it can be voice activated by saying “OK Google” for minimized distraction. Voice activation offers the user a true hands and eyes free experience that is both convenient and safe.

Here are some of the features you can use with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto all by voice activation!

  • Siri / Google Voice control
  • Apple Maps / Google Maps (Maps are always up to date!)
  • Phone Controls (Make, Receive, Check Voicemails)
  • Messages (Sending, Replying, Text Messages)
  • Music (iTunes / Google Play / Spotify and more )
  • Audio Apps
  • Waze and other navigation apps

Navigation Systems

Remember the days where you had to stop and ask directions, fumbling with road maps, or vague internet directions? Why take the chance of missing your turn and wasting precious time, gas, and causing the undue stress running late? It’s never fun getting lost!

Not everyone is blessed with a good sense of direction, and if this sounds like you then fret no more. Never get lost again with a dependable GPS mobile navigation systems. Imagine driving stress free with detailed turn by turn directions to your destination. Most of our current in-dash GPS navigation systems also offer great convenience & safety features like backup camera capability, Bluetooth hands-free cell phone use and audio streaming, screen mirror linking capability, and much more!

Contact Cairns Customs today to find out how you can take the stress out of travel by investing in a vehicle navigation system

Aftermarket Video Systems

The simplest way to get video in your auto would be to put in a DVD receiver in your dashboard. These stereos feature huge touchscreen screens for your video playback in addition to offering several features such as Bluetooth, Pandora control, Back-up Camera, Mobile Phone Connectivity, Satellite Radio, Auxualliry inputs & more, all in a easy to use touchscreen radio.

Also, some receivers with multi-zone capacity have sound/video outputs for rear entertainment systems. When you engage the dual-zone feature, you can send the signal from one source, like a DVD player or video game console, to the rear monitors and their headphone transmitters; the folks in back will be able to enjoy that source. The beauty of car video is that there is no shortage of options, but the key to having a satisfying system is having a clear vision of what you want.

Headrest Monitor Systems

Are we there yet? If you find yourself on long road trips with restless passengers you understand how easily this can detract from your pleasant trip. Or perhaps you would like to take the backseat and enjoy your favorite movie or show? If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution. Here at Cairns Customs + Car Sound, we can install the top of the line mobile video players right into your headrests. With a wide selection of vehicle headrest video options, we have exactly what you need to satisfy your mobile entertainment needs.

With beautiful widescreen displays, our universal headrest monitor systems will keep your backseat passengers satisfied and occupied. Some of our solutions have built-in FM transmitters that can transfer the sound to your vehicle’s sound system. Maybe you prefer peace and quiet or wish to listen to your own entertainment up front. We also carry optional wired and wireless headphones for your rear-seat passengers.

Our headrest solutions come in a wide range of color options that can be matched to your vehicle’s interior to provide a pristine factory look. Contact Cairns Customs today to see all of our fantastic options.

Overhead Monitor Systems

In addition to headrest monitor solutions we also have a wide selection of overhead monitor packages for all vehicles, lifestyles, and budgets. Our overhead audio/video systems are available in many shapes, sizes, and colors for the best fit for your vehicle. It’s our mission to make sure all of your specific mobile audio/video installation request are met.

Depending on your current vehicle setup, we may even be able to integrate right into our aftermarket radio or factory system. This offers a seamless experience in operation and functionality. For example, If you have a passenger who is an avid video game lover, you can even select a system with auxiliary inputs that allow for other sources of media to be integrated such as video games, iPod connectivity, and much more. We also carry headphone solutions when you would rather not disturb fellow passengers or driver. Contact our experts today for more details.

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